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Teach English or other languages, sports, games and other to the orphans in Myanmar who live in a shelter. At the same time explore natural beauty of Myanmar, walk through the gorgeous temples and immerse in a rich culture and customs which might turn to be the point of your life!
Item#: My-Orph
$199.00, 2/$299.00, 3/$399.00, 4/$499.00

This is shelter for orphanage run by an Abbot (Monk), approximately 30 km Southwest from Yangon. The center was established in 1999 and is run as a school. There are about 1,150 children; 800 of who are at Primary School level (below grade 8) and rest of them are high school level.

It is an orphanage where over 1,000 orphans from all over Myanmar live and study. There are several grown-up orphans who still live in the shelter and study in colleges and universities in Yangon. These orphans are from all over Myanmar who do not have their parents or whose parents are either unknown or very poor. This shelter has also got approval for formal education and use government curriculum but there are only 14 permanent and 14 temporary teachers for over thousand children to provide education. They are never enough. Mostly vocational training programs are offered hoping that these children learn technical subjects and even develop some occupational skill. Some of them either get jobs or may even open their own business afterwards.

As Myanmar has recently opened up for foreigners and number of tourists is surging, doubling each year, English language skill has been a very helpful for these kids as they can serve as tour guide or even work for foreign companies paying good salaries. There are 2-3 English teachers but never enough. Kids are eager to learn English. In addition, other languages such as French, Chinese, Japanese etc. language skill training could also be useful for these kids. Depending upon the skill and interests, volunteers can teach other languages and sports and other occupational trainings such as sewing, singing, music, arts and so on.

Depending upon the skill and interest of the volunteers, they can help kids practice Spoken English, Chinese, Japanese etc. They can also help with sports, music, art etc. Number of kids per group or class can be 30 or even higher.

Level / age groups of kids:
  • Nursery kids: 3-4 yrs of age
  • Primary level kids: Grad 1-3 (age 5-7 yrs)
  • Middle school: Grade 8-10
  • High school: Grade 10-11
  • University: Grade 12 or higher (they study outside but live in shelter)

    Important points:
    • Minimum length of volunteering 1 week
    • Working days: Monday - Friday
    • Work load: 4-5 hours/day
    • Office time: 08:30 - 15:30 hrs.
    • Starting date: open throughout the year
    • Age over 18 years
    • No experience is needed
    • Special skills such as sports or games, drawing, singing, dancing, paper-cutting, painting, etc. would be very useful.

    • We provide guidance how to teach children of non-native English speakers. You can travel during weekends and after office hours during weekdays. Utilize your extra time to help children and the community who are in dire need. You can teach English and also French in some schools, work with disadvantaged children, coach and play sports etc. For volunteering you will need to be over 18 years of age

      Booking fee: US$25 (payable in advance via PayPal). Simply send us email or apply online from the top menu. Send us your CV or apply online from the top menu.

      After booking, we will send you a suitable project with details. Once you like the program then pay the program fee that starts from US$199 per week with discounts for more weeks which are shown above the "ADD TO CART" button. Discounted prices will appear after clicking the button and changing the quantity (Qty) i.e. number of weeks. This fee covers your food (2 meals a day), reasonable accommodation (with host family or hostel), airport pick up and local management fee.

      What are not covered with these fees?
    • Airfare
    • Insurance
    • Visa fee
    • Personal items
    • Local travel to work
    • Cost incurred due to negligence

      The fees cover the followings:
    • Airport pick up
    • Accommodation
    • Two meals a day (breakfast and dinner)
    • 24/7 support service
    • Airport drop off

      Fee can be paid via:
    • PayPal
    • Credit Cards
    • Direct Wire/Bank transfer (please write email to us for more details)

      How to pay fees?

      1. For registration and coordination fees:
    • Please click on the "Add to Cart", the green button on top.
    • The fee shown there is per week. If you want more then a week, after clicking the button, you can change the Qty by clicking on it.
    • Write the quantity and enter, it will calculate automatically.
    • Then Check out
    • You will see "PayPal" click on it, you will also see payment options using Credit cards or PayPal itself.
    • Those who want to transfer money via Bank, please write to: Coordinator@see-abroad.com

      2. program fee should be paid in cash upon arrival in country either in US$, CAD$ AUS$, GBP, EURO or equivalent local currency.

      Who are we?

      Who are we? We are a team of academicians and volunteers who have passion in helping communities in Cambodia, Bali, Myanmar, Nepal, Thailand and in other parts of Asia by mobilizing like-minded people especially youths and energetic people. Our main office is in Ayuthaya, Thailand and our network members are in their respective countries. For more information please contact us: info@see-abroad.com
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