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Save Sea Turtles and Teach Kids in Primary Schools in Bali:
    It is the Hindu dominated island, and its simply the best paradise island for travelers. The island is rich in culture, full of arts, handicrafts, temples, and terraces of rice fields. Overwhelming more than 5,000 temples, several beaches are the major attractions.
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$400.00, 2/$550.00, 3/$700.00, 4/$850.00, 5/$1,000.00, 6/$1,150.00

The turtle conservation and teaching program is a new in Bali, a beautiful island of Indonesia where you can enjoy full-fledge beach activities and water sports. At the same time help save turtles, very important endangered species of the sea. You will be working in a beach with a team dedicated to save endangered species of sea turtles.
    You will also join our language teaching program (Monday to Friday) in the morning in Primary Schools in the town nearby. Kids are keen to learn English, Chinese, French, Japanese, German, Italian, Spanish etc. so that they can be a good tour guides or business managers. At the school they also want to learn sports, games, arts, painting, singing, dancing etc. Depending upon skills and interests, volunteers can plan what they would like to teach to the cute kids.

    Daily itinerary:
    1. 8-12 noon - Teach languages or sports/games
    2. 12-4 pm - Lunch & rest, take a tour or swim in the sea
    3. 4 -6 pm - Release baby turtles (in the beach)
    4. 9-11 pm - Cleaning and patrolling of sea beach. You will have chance to see mother turtles coming to lay eggs. Then watch, collect eggs, transfer to a hatchery, and keep them for incubation and hatching.

        You can also do fund raising and other awareness campaign among tourists in the beach area and in the town for turtle program.

        Length of project is normally 1 - 8 weeks
          Available period: March - October each year

            Upon request, we will send you the list of projects to select. Write us for more details (info@see-abroad.com). We will send you the list of projects to select. Those who want to be a part of the team, please write and send us your CV or apply online from the top menu.

              Booking fee:
                Booking fee - US$25 (non-refundable, pay in advance). Simply send us email or apply online from the top menu.

                The program fee starts from US$400 for the 1st week, then add 150 per additional week which is shown above the "ADD TO CART" button. Discounted prices will appear after clicking the button and changing the quantity (Qty) i.e. number of weeks.

                  What are not covered with these fees?
                  1. 1 Airfare
                  2. 2 Insurance (medical or health/life)
                  3. 3 Visa fee
                  4. 4 Personal items
                  5. 5 Local travel to work
                  6. 6 Cost incurred due to damages caused by negligence

                    The fees cover the followings:
                  7. 1 Airport pick up
                  8. 2 Accommodation
                  9. 3 Breakfast
                  10. 4 24/7 support service

                      Fee can be paid via:
                      1. 1 PayPal (payment@sea-abroad.com)
                      2. 2 Credit Cards
                      3. 3 Direct Wire/Bank transfer (please write email to us for more details)

                          How to pay fees?

                        1. Please click on the "Add to Cart", the green button on top.
                        2. The fee shown there is per week. If you want more then a week, after clicking the button, you can change the Qty by clicking on it.
                        3. Write the quantity and enter, it will calculate automatically.
                        4. Then Check out
                        5. You will see "PayPal" click on it, you will also see payment options using Credit cards or PayPal itself.
                        6. Those who want to transfer money via Bank, please write to: Coordinator@sea-abroad.com

                          Bali is a famous destination for tourists from all over the world. More than 5,000 temples, several sea beaches and natural beauties are the attractions. Various types of food items ranging from Asian to Western are available nearby the place. We also arrange half or full-day cultural tours to various temples with additional costs e.g.
                          1. 1 Bali Museum
                          2. 2 Taman Ayun Temple
                          3. 3 Tanah Lot temple
                          4. 3 Besakih Mother temple
                          5. 4 Barong Dance
                          6. 5 Ulun Danu Bratan and Strawberry farm
                          7. 6 Green School tour
                          8. 7 Ubud and Monkey Forest
                          9. 8 Kintamani Volcanic mountain
                          10. 9 Rice terraces
                          11. 10 Luwak Coffee
                          12. 11 Bali Zoo and Safari
                          13. 12 Bali Batik etc.

                            Who are we?
                              We are a team of academicians and volunteers who have passion in helping communities in rural Nepal and in other parts of Asia by mobilizing like-minded people especially young and energetic people. For more information please contact us: info@sea-abroad.com

                              Ask more information or apply now
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